How to Participate

  • The 2021 Seoul Marathon is a contact-free Marathon contest, which participants can run whenever and wherever they want using a GPS running app (GPS application).
Online application
  • The 2021 Seoul Marathon can be applied through online by using the official website. Please read the instructions carefully.
  • Record your running through GPS running app (NRC, Starva, Garmin) which is available on Appstore or Google Play.
Race Package
  • Race Package will be delivered weekly, beginning at April 19th in order of payment received.
Join the Race
  • Race days will be 9 days from May 1st to May 9th.
  • Use a GPS app to participate and run wherever you want to run more than 5km.
Record Verification
  • Participants can enter their records through the record verification page on the official website.


  • Join our events for Seoul Marathon and try to get our special gifts.
  • Enjoy the 2021 Seoul Marathon online concert.
  • Event #1 Seoul Marathon Story
  • Event #2 Share our poster
  • Event #3 Regram teaser
  • Event #4 Share our race pack
  • Event #5 My photogenic running
  • Event #6 Share my running course(GPS Art)
  • Event #7 Join “Good Job! Good Run!”
  • Event #8 Seoul Marathon Live Run
  • Specific details are available at Seoul Marathon’s official Instagram: @seoul_marathon.